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Fast Haze is an autoflowering cannabis plant with a high proportion of Sativa and develops light green, small Sativa leaves.

Low Diesel is an autoflowering cannabis plant and its taste and flavor is appreciated by lovers worldwide.

Quick Bud is an auto cannabis plant that gives you an "old school" high and produces high yields.

Quick Fruit is an auto cannabis plant which is very sweet in taste and flavor and provides great yields.

Turbo Jack is an auto cannabis plant which is very stable but has a slightly longer growth and flowering.

An automatic cannabis plant with the great characteristics of a Ruderalis and Indica with a fruity flavor and aroma.

from 25.68 *

The result of this automatic cannabis plant is a bushy plant with typical Indica characteristics and a musky aroma.

29.79 *

Flying Skunk is a cannabis plant that grows very fast and has already after about 18 days of flower initials.

This originated in northern Afghanistan 100% Indica Cannabis plant is a hybrid with typical Afghan flavor and taste.

from 22.60 *

This 100% Indica cannabis hybrid is known for its increased level of cannabinoids and has a high medicinal potential.

from 21.57 *

This fantastic automatic hemp plant grows well indoor as well outdoor, and develops side branches of equal size.

from 29.79 *

Rapid Afghan can grow very large for an autoflowering cannabis plant, but indoor no higher than about 90 cm.

This automatic hemp plant was crossed for generations to its great Indica characteristics which came out stronger.

22.60 *

White Express is an autoflowering cannabis plant that grows quickly and is adequate for lovers of the White family.

The Afghan Kush Ryder auto cannabis plant, you can grow indoor as well as outdoor and can reach a height of 80cm.

from 30.82 *

This cannabis plant is a 100% indica, is an "old school" Afghan strain and has a very relaxing effect.

from 21.57 *

This 100% Indica Cannabis hybrid has explosive Indica characteristics and produces excessive resin.

from 21.57 *

This 100% Indica cannabis plant is ideal for the indoor growing because of its small stature and provides great yields.

from 30.82 *

Wild Thailand Fem. is a 100% sativa cannabis plant and its THC content is among the highest worldwide.

from 20.55 *

Mazar Kush Fem. is a 100% Indica cannabis plant, that grows to a small size and  is very rich in resin.

from 21.57 *

Afghan Kush Fem. is a 100% Indica cannabis plant, that has a very special hash flavor and aroma.

from 21.57 *

Kilimanjaro Fem. is an early-flowering, 100% African cannabis sativa plant that grows well outdoor or in the greenhouse.

from 22.60 *

Pakistan Valley Fem. is a 100% indica strain of cannabis, comes originally from Northern Pakistan and is ideal for the indoor growing.

from 22.60 *

Amnesia Fem. is a very productive cannabis plant and it produces dense buds that are fully coated with resin.

A Brazilian cannabis strain from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, which grows very vigorously.

from 20.55 *

Afghan Kush Special Fem. is a 100% Indica cannabis plant with a typical Afghan flavor and aroma.

from 35.95 *

Strawberry Blue Fem. is a cannabis plant, whose taste and flavor is simply top for most growers.

from 20.55 *

This variety was developed specifically in Holland for the outdoor growing in northern climates and grows to about 1m high.


New York 47 Fem. is a hemp plant that has been crossed with two of the most important strains, the NYC Diesel and the AK47.

from 24.65 *

It is a top auto flowering variety, can develop a large main flower with large buds that are shimmering like crystals.

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1 - 30 of 75 results