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This cold resistent mostly Sativa is a newcomer under the cannabis seets. The plant is already used for many medical effects.

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The Magic Bud cannabis plant is ready for take off in a short period of time. It is a plant full covered with rasin "nuggets".

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The Auto Wappa is an easy growing cannabis plant and it is very similar to its ancestor. It develops sweet buds.


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Paradise Seeds say that the Pandora ist the best Autoflowering cannabis strain in the world. The plant is very compact.

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The Auto Jack cannabis plant includes the best of two crossings. The Jack Herer and the White Widow.


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This mostly Sativa Autoflowering cannabis sort contains a high THC and develops aromatic, thick buds.

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The Vertigo cannabis plant has a intensive, fruity flavour and is one of the newest sorts from Paradise Seeds.

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The Haze autoflowering cannabis strain produces impressing buds, it is very aromatic and full with flowers.

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The Sweet Purple cannabis plant is, its name reveals already, a sweet, amazing potent and fungus resistent, purple color plant.

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This cannabis strain was crossed so many times to carve out the characteristics from the White Berry mother plant.

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The Roadrunner auto is a very impressing autoflowering cannabis plant, which only needs 60 days to develop buds.

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The Critical Jack auto from Dinafem is one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis strains. It is ready for take off in only 70 days.

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The Critical auto cannabis plant has a very sweet and fruity flavour and it also has a very regulare growth.


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The Fruit auto is one of the tallest under the autoflowering cannabis strains and develops a sweet smelling resin.

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The Roadrunner 2 auto is an autoflowering cannabis plant wich is faster as its forerunner and it also has more aroma.

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Auto Acid is an Autoflowering Diesel cannabis strain, which extends a bit higher then other auto-sorts do.

23.63 *

Monster won already the first price at the Spannabis Cup 2009 and is a cannabis plant with very high yields.

from 18.49 *

Fast Haze is an autoflowering cannabis plant with a high proportion of Sativa and develops light green, small Sativa leaves.

Low Diesel is an autoflowering cannabis plant and its taste and flavor is appreciated by lovers worldwide.

Quick Bud is an auto cannabis plant that gives you an "old school" high and produces high yields.

Quick Fruit is an auto cannabis plant which is very sweet in taste and flavor and provides great yields.

Turbo Jack is an auto cannabis plant which is very stable but has a slightly longer growth and flowering.

Monoecious french strain with industrial hemp genetic for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoor: quick and robust, CBD content 2%  Indoor: improved CBD production up to 6% at cultivation temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius. Very low THC content: lower than 0,2 %

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Outdoor the Nexus hemp plant grows like a little Christmas tree, indoor it consists of a single large, unbranched means flower.

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This 100% pure Sativa develops large, long buds that are covered all over with resin and smells of sweet liqueur.

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This beautiful lady in purple shades is one of the fast-flowering plants and provides a slightly harsh aroma.

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This lady is a prize winner, a very stable, homogeneous strain and appears in bright green and golden tones.

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This variety was developed specifically in Holland for the outdoor growing in northern climates and grows to about 1m high.


It is a top auto flowering variety, can develop a large main flower with large buds that are shimmering like crystals.

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After just 85 days you can harvest Xtreme Auto and you achieve an optimal harvest and taste.


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1 - 30 of 104 results