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100% Sativa

100% Sativa - cannabis seeds

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This 100% Sativa cannabis plant is pure indulgence, but it´s not very easy to raise this plant. 

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This cannabis strain is named after the hero and cannabis researcher Dr. Lester Grinspoon and is a pure Sativa heirloom.

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Honey B is a cannabis strain with the aroma of an orange peel. The "B" stands for big yields and big, tasty colas. 

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Wild Thailand Fem. is a 100% sativa cannabis plant and its THC content is among the highest worldwide.

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Our beloved Congo Pointe Noire meets 4 more classic sativas in the OT Haze mix.

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Durban Punch is a 100% Sativa that grows very compact, producing many buds and exudes a floral aroma of anise and wood.

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Kilimanjaro Fem. is an early-flowering, 100% African cannabis sativa plant that grows well outdoor or in the greenhouse.

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This 100% marijuana plant is very vigorous, has a rapid growth and develops beautiful long leaves.

Perfect combination of African sativas, adaptable for indoor with overall size „medium“.

It is one of the classic varieties, is very profitable and can be growen both indoor as well as outdoor.

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It is one of the classic varieties, is very profitable and can be growen both indoor as well as outdoor.

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This 100% Sativa cannabis plant grows as high as wide and develops flower chains all around the plant.

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This 100% pure Sativa develops large, long buds that are covered all over with resin and smells of sweet liqueur.

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Wild Thailand Regular is a hemp plant, which comes from the island of Koh Chang in Thailand.

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Outdoor Mix is a selection from the normal indoor mix or the new-style sativa mix. A mix of Indicas, Indicas/Sativas and Sativas.

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South African Kwazulu Regular is a hemp plant, which is original from the  mountains of Drakensberg in South Africa.

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Easy Sativa is a hemp plant that can be grown either in the greenhouse or outdoor and is one of the best outdoor cannabis plants in the Netherlands.

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Seedhuntress composed an exclusive strain mix with 4 classic and tested aphrodiasic cannabis genetics. For the maximum increase of desire women should take less than men.

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Sativa Pure Origin Collection – 8 seeds

– Wild Thailand

– Amesia

– Strawberry Blue

– New York 47

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Zambian reg ends up with a final medium size that fits perfectly indoor.

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Desfran fem is a hemp plant, which is a combination of Destroyer x Destroyer.

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