50% Indica 50% Sativa

50% Indica 50% Sativa

50% Indica 50% Sativa - cannabis seeds

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The California Dream is a really stressless cannabis plant with a very gorgeous flower. 


18.00 *

This Chill-OM cannabis plant has a very high medical potential and is fast growing.

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This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant is a rarely landrace sort, which develops big, resinous colas. 

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This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant is rugged and easy to cultivate outdoor in the north.

25.68 *

This Ganesh is a classic cannabis plant crossed according to old-school genetic and an amazing "one-cola" plant.

25.68 *

This cannabis sort will fascinate connoisseurs with its aroma and taste which is sweet peppermint and berry, fruity maracuja. 

25.68 *

This Kush cannabis sort is easy to cultivate and has an amazing aroma from peppermint and lemon. 

30.82 *

This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant has a Conoisseur quality and belongs to high performance sorts of its category.

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The Mandala #1 ist one of the best cannabis plants for the outdoor growing. It has a high end production and a fast yield.

25.68 *

available again in 2015!

This Chronic cannabis strain ist the best combination of good yield and an excellent quality.

71.91 *

The Ladyburn 1974 cannabis plant from Green House has medical effects and is used for pain therapy.

14.00 *

The Bubble Gum is a middle size cannabis plant and produces, compact, crystal buds covered full with resin.

71.91 *

This Special Queen fem is a classic cannabis skunk that grows easy and doesn't stretch too much. 

4.00 *

The Honey Cream Fast V before Royal Caramel  cannabis plant is  a classic strain in Spain, where it was first grown. 

8.00 *

The White Widow auto is one of the most famous cannabis plants in the world. Lovers will know why. 

5.14 *

Nebula is called "starcloud" cause of its stellar qualities. The cannabis plant is adequate for the indoor growing. 


32.87 *

The Channel+ cannabis plant has an amazing aroma and is perfect for the S.C.R.O.G. cultivation.

24.00 *

The Magic Bud cannabis plant is ready for take off in a short period of time. It is a plant full covered with rasin "nuggets".

20.55 *

The Auto Wappa is an easy growing cannabis plant and it is very similar to its ancestor. It develops sweet buds.


23.63 *

The White Widow is one of the most famous cannabis plants in the world. Lovers will know why. 

9.25 *

This mostly Sativa Autoflowering cannabis sort contains a high THC and develops aromatic, thick buds.

23.63 *

Opium is a majestic cannabis plant with calyxes big and full of resin. The plant produces the biggest buds ever.

26.71 *

The Vertigo cannabis plant has a intensive, fruity flavour and is one of the newest sorts from Paradise Seeds.

23.63 *

The Original Cheese is recommended to anyone who is searching for a  spicy, aromatic, skunk cannabis plant.


26.71 *

The White Widow Automaitc is a classic cannabis plant in the Duch growing and is very popular for smokers and growers.


9.00 *

Paradise Seeds has since 2012 the world famous cannabis strain, the Original White Widow in  their assortment. 

32.87 *

The K-Train cannabis plant is one part Indica and the other part Sativa and is one of the newer accomplishments of Green Hous. 

18.00 *

This 50/50 indica-sativa cannabis strain is characterized by its abundant flowering growth and provides huge yields.


140.00 *

Fast Haze is an autoflowering cannabis plant with a high proportion of Sativa and develops light green, small Sativa leaves.

Low Diesel is an autoflowering cannabis plant and its taste and flavor is appreciated by lovers worldwide.

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1 - 30 of 203 results