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This Chill-OM cannabis plant has a very high medical potential and is fast growing.

30.00 *

This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant is rugged and easy to cultivate outdoor in the north.

This extremely price reduced Indica-Sativa cannabis seeds mix is recommended for all cultivation methods. 

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant is with its first class quality of flowers and high end production very popular. 

35.00 *

This Ganesh is a classic cannabis plant crossed according to old-school genetic and an amazing "one-cola" plant.

The Hashberry is a high end production cannabis plant and smells wonderful and unique like blueberries.

This exotic but easy care Sativa cannabis plant has a high end production (hydro/green house). 

35.00 *

This cannabis sort will fascinate connoisseurs with its aroma and taste which is sweet peppermint and berry, fruity maracuja. 

This Kush cannabis sort is easy to cultivate and has an amazing aroma from peppermint and lemon. 

This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant has a Conoisseur quality and belongs to high performance sorts of its category.

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The Mandala #1 ist one of the best cannabis plants for the outdoor growing. It has a high end production and a fast yield.

available again in 2015!

This Chronic cannabis strain ist the best combination of good yield and an excellent quality.

71.91 *

The Bubble Gum is a middle size cannabis plant and produces, compact, crystal buds covered full with resin.

71.91 *

The Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa and one of the top cannabis plants available today. It streches up in height.

82.18 *

AK-47 won several awards, it is a cannabis strain which is very easy to cultivate and it streches up to a middle size.

This cannabis strain is the first choice for the outdoor growing from Serious Seeds and very adequate for western european countries.

71.91 *

The White Russian cannabis plant is a mostly Indica and has a very fantastic appearance and effects.

71.91 *

The Motivation cannabis strain is the latest creation of a process from Serious Seeds and  adequate for the indoor growing.

71.91 *

The Double Dutch cannabis plant develops typical Indica like leaves and produces giant Sativa like buds.

71.91 *

The Warlock is an Indica dominant cannabis plant  but combines the best characteristics from an Indica and Sativa.

51.36 *

This 100% Indica cannabis plant is very compact and is characterized by quality and stability.

33.00 *

This 100% Indica cannabis strain is very popular due to its enormous resin production and its sweet, citrusy flavor.

50.00 *

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant triples its height during the flowering period and develops  long, dense buds.


88.00 *

This cannabis plant combines the best features of a tropical Sativa and a rich Indica.


137.00 *

This mostly Indica Cannabis plant has a very short flowering time, grows very compact and exudes an Afghani aroma.


120.00 *

This 50/50 indica-sativa cannabis strain is characterized by its abundant flowering growth and provides huge yields.


140.00 *

This mostly Indicalady cannabis plant is stunningly beautiful and has a dense, compact stature.


96.00 *

Big Bud is a very vigorous cannabis strain and an award winner from the cup of 1996. It has a very fruity flavour.

88.00 *

Indica lovers will love this pure Indica Cannabis Plant, with its double Afghani bouquet, also named "Mr. Nice".

142.00 *

This Cannabis plant is new to the program of Sensi Seeds and already winner of the Sativa Cannabis Cup 2002.

80.00 *
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1 - 30 of 308 results