MM Genetics

Medical Marijuana Genetics was formed and commenced work with award winning breeders from Spain, with the initial aim of creating a line of CBD dominant cannabis strains. Using genetics from Cannatonic, Jaunita Lagrimosa and the well-known AC/DC, Medical Marijuana Genetics successfully created Candida (CD-1), named after the founder’s mother and meaning ‘bright light’ in Latin. Testing the cannabinoid profiles of CD-1 revealed a CBD count of 20%. This percentage is the highest known count in a CBD-rich phenotype ever created in Europe. Following the overwhelming success of their first grow, Medical Marijuana Genetics created a further 12 elite strains from Candida crosses, all of which have been genetically selected to provide access (within lawful jurisdiction) to the widest range of therapeutics that the cannabis plant, and CBD in particular, has to offer. This includes treatments for symptoms such chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, convulsions, gastro-intestinal disorders, nausea, vomiting, skin conditions, bacterial infections, anxiety, depression, cancer cell growth and much more.

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What does this strain have in common with the 4th lonbgest river on our planet?

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Candida: With a ratio of 20:1, the high CBD levels and their associated anti-psychotic capabilities outweigh the relatively small amounts of THC removing the “high” and providing the patient with a non-psychoactive cannabis Sativa L plant.

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