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13 seeds

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Cannalope Haze is a mostly Sativa hemp plant, which is a combination of a „Haze Brothers“ and a „Mexican (Michoacán)“.

40.00 *

LA Cannalope is a hemp plant, which is a perfect mix between an Indica and a Sativa hemp plant.

70.00 *

Sleestack x Skunk regular is a hemp plant which has many medical benefits.

30.00 *

X18 Pure Pakistani regular is a mostly Indica hemp plant which comes origion from a pure Pakistani Landrace.

60.00 *

LA Woman is a hemp plant which is a cross between two prize-winning hybrids, the Martian Mean Green and the LA Confidential.

40.00 *

Reserva Privada Mix Pack is a mixed pack of seeds.

80.00 *
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