Privacy and security


Privacy and Security

Canna-Seed has made it a priority objective to protect your personal data especially. To this end we have built into our online shop several safety systems:

- The entire online store uses SSL encryption.

- When sending the data they are encrypted using an AES encryption and written to the database. This key changes regularly and is valid only for a few minutes.

- The ERP system now takes control of the order, decrypts it and processes it. From this point it is no longer possible even for the shop to decrypt your order.

- After you have paid your order and we'll have these sent to you, your data will remain stored for two weeks only in our system in an encrypted form. This is necessary in order to have your data available in case of any complaint.

In case of any complaint of an order, which was longer than 2 weeks, no one can access your order because it has been deleted automatically by our system!

- The flow of data through a server in Switzerland, the ERP system is controlled from Austria - but remain stored at all, only the data of customers who have registered to avoid having to re-enter the data for each purchase. Not-Registered customers are treated like guest clients, their data will be stored encrypted as described above only for the duration of the order processing.

Safe as it gets!