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8 seeds

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Auto Melon Gum is the evolution of the highly successful Melon Gum. This auto version has the same features as the Melon Gum.

16.50 *

Hell Stone can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and produces thin, elegant leaves.

18.00 *

Crystal M.E.T.H. is an absolutely psychedelic experience and the exact opposite of the variety Painkiller.

18.00 *

Brooklyn Mango is a hemp plant with a very strong flavor of mango and it produces buds as hard as stones.

16.50 *

King Kong is a cannabis plant whose main characteristics are speed, lots of resin and a large income.

13.50 *

Melon Gum has a great taste of lavender with a hint of melon and strawberry.

16.50 *

Painkiller is a hybrid that was created especially for the medical benefits and is often used to stimulate the appetite.

15.00 *

U-Pink Kush is a hemp plant whose strength and effects are known around the world.

16.50 *

Seedhuntress composed an exclusive strain mix with 4 classic and tested aphrodiasic cannabis genetics. For the maximum increase of desire women should take less than men.

20.00 *

Sativa Pure Origin Collection – 8 seeds

– Wild Thailand

– Amesia

– Strawberry Blue

– New York 47

48.00 *

Medical Collection – 8 seeds

– Afghan kush x White domina

– Afghan kush x Skunk

– Afghan kush x Yumbolt

– Afghan kush x White widow

48.00 *

Indica Pure Origin Collection

– Star 47

– Pakistan Valley

– Afghan kush

– Ketama

48.00 *

Autoflowering Collection – 8 seeds


– Northern lights x Big bud auto

– Sugar Mango ryder

– Pakistan ryder

– Sweet Coffe ryder

48.00 *

This cross-breed between “Sensi Star” (2004) and “Peyote Purple Black Pheno” produces big buds in 8 weeks only. 

18.00 *

Cinderella XX is the first feminized version of Cinderella 99 and you will be blown away by this incredible variety.

134.00 *

Referring to Apollo 11 these feminized quality seeds are lovely called Apollo XX.

106.00 *
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