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Samsara Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer its customers not only cannabis seeds, but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis.

We are constantly adapting to changing circumstances in search of new experiences to offer growers of our seeds. We believe that there should be a balance between the seeds we offer our customers and their needs. This is our philosophy, our attitude to life and it is totally valid and useful to face the challenges we meet every day. Our strains are developed according to these concepts of balance and harmony.

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Ultraviolet is a very compact and extremely resinous automatic cannabis plant with a sweet and fruity aroma.

23.00 *

This automatic cannabis plant yet conserved by crossing the best quality of its Mazar mother and is very fast growing.

20.00 *

Punky Lion is a cannabis plant that is about medium size, has a not too bushy growth and produces plenty of resin.

34.00 *

The Holy Grail 69 hemp plant grows somewhat larger than its ancestors, and develops a fruity pineapple taste.

34.00 *

Dragon Kiss is a cross between a Nepali Sativa cannabis plant and a Black Domina Indica and steches to a medium size.

29.00 *

Crazy Miss Hyde grows to a small hemp plant and produces a variety of flowers with thick buds, fully covered with resin.

30.00 *

This mostly Sativa is a very potent cannabis plant that is very early fully developed and produces foxtail similar buds.

30.00 *

This hemp plant produces simple to-handle, compact, fully covered with resin buds with a unique flavor.

30.00 *

This automatic cannabis plant grows very compact, is very resinous and has an intense skunky aroma.

30.00 *

Flash Babylon is one of the most productive automatic cannabis plant  that SamSara Seeds has to offer.

55.00 *

El Alquimista is to Samsara Seeds one of the easiest growen hemp plants and won already the second price at Spannabis Cup.

35.00 *

This cannabis plant was crossed with one of the best Domina mothers to ensure its autoflowering.

34.00 *

This cannabis plant has a high medicinal potential and was bred mainly against hyperactivity, stress and insomnia.

30.00 *

The Spice White Devil is a highly productive cannabis plant with tight buds in  red and blue colors.

33.00 *

Sweet Black Angel is a medium sized growing hemp plant, which has a short flowering period and develops very large branches.

27.00 *

El Alquemista Auto is a cross between Northern Lights with its special characteristics and flavor and potency of the AK 47.

28.00 *

Crazy Miss Hyde Auto grows to a small hemp plant and produces a variety of flowers with thick buds, fully covered with resin.

28.00 *
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