Best marijuana strain for you

To find the best cannabis strain for you, you have to know that Marijuana has developed from two strong subspecies: Indica and Sativa. Most varieties are hybrids of these two species and, accordingly, they take their basic properties.
Sativas originate from regions to the equator, where the seasons are long and therefore need more time to get to maturity. Sativas are particularly potent and contain higher levels of THC. If Sativas are smoked for medicinal purposes, the Highs can be described as psychedelic, dreamy and creative, but pleasant.
Indica originate from regions north and south of the equator, need correspondingly less light and mature earlier to flower. Kush strains (Cannabis Afghanica ) are counted to Indica and as all Indicas, if they are smoked for medical purposes they have a soothing and relaxing effect (stoned). The smoke is rather strong, has a sharp and skunky smell.
To produce autoflowering cannabis varieties, Sativa-Indica hybrids are crossed with a third subspecies: Ruderalis - this gives the hybrids of Sativa and Indica the ability to come into bloom without the need for a change in light cycles.