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Cannabis of Green-O-Matic x Big Bang

45.00 *

Skunk x Northern Light x El Nino x Ruderalis

18.00 *

Ruderalis x Moroccan x White Dwarf x Low Rider


17.46 *

Kalashnikova x Green-O-Matic


18.00 *

Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow


20.00 *

Mango x Big Bang Autoflowering


20.00 *
Quick One is a fast-growing autoflowering cannabis strain with an almost citrus-like aroma.











6.00 *

The White Widow auto is one of the most famous cannabis plants in the world. Lovers will know why. 

5.14 *


The Galaxy auto is a new mostly Indica cannabis plant from Pyramid Seeds and is one of the most productive plants.



7.19 *

The Anesthesia auto is a fast growing cannabis plant and very rich in resins. It is a very easy growing plant. 

5.14 *

The Shark auto is a cannabis sort for the daily use, with an excellent flavour and an incredible smell.

7.19 *

The Channel+ cannabis plant has an amazing aroma and is perfect for the S.C.R.O.G. cultivation.

24.00 *

This 100% Indica cannabis plant is very compact and is characterized by quality and stability.

33.00 *

This 100% Indica cannabis strain is very popular due to its enormous resin production and its sweet, citrusy flavor.

50.00 *

This mostly Indica Cannabis plant has a very short flowering time, grows very compact and exudes an Afghani aroma.


120.00 *

This mostly Indicalady cannabis plant is stunningly beautiful and has a dense, compact stature.


96.00 *

Afghani # 1 is one of the finest original Indica Cannabis plants that can be found anywhere, which is also suitable for beginners.

50.00 *

Northern Lights is a significant and influential cannabis variety in the world of Marihuana and has a compact growth.

109.00 *

This compact mostly Indica Cannabis strain has a strong resin production and rapidly develops dense buds.

50.00 *

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant is pure luxury and has with about 6 weeks, a very short flowering time.

58.00 *

Four Way is a cannabis plant that blooms very quickly, produces abundant resin and is extremely sweet.

52.00 *

Fruity Juice is a Thai cannabis plant with big buds and has a distinctive flavor and develops into a slim, elegant lady.

99.00 *

This mostly Indica Shiva Skunk cannabis plant has a knock-down potency and is full of flowers and many buds.

66.00 *

La Frutta Di Venus is an automatic, short and compact cannabis plant that is ready for harvest in a couple of months.


25.00 *

La Bella Afrodita is a new generation of automatic cannabis strains from Delicious Seeds, which produces bigger yields.


36.00 *

Skunk Kush is a cannabis plant that develops strong branches and has a dark, leathery foliage of its parents.

82.00 *

An automatic cannabis plant with the great characteristics of a Ruderalis and Indica with a fruity flavor and aroma.

from 25.68 *

Shiva Shanti II is one of the best-selling and one of the best varieties of cannabis strains from Sensi Seeds.

20.00 *

Skunk # 1 is a cannabis plant that is popular due to its stable and consistent performance with growers.

29.00 *

Il Diavolo is an autoflowering cannabis strain which has the typical flavour and strengh from Critical Mass.


25.00 *
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1 - 30 of 97 results