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This Chill-OM cannabis plant has a very high medical potential and is fast growing.

30.00 *

This colombian mostly Sativa cannabis plant reaches a high end production in the outdoor cultivation. 

15.41 *

This extremely price reduced Indica-Sativa cannabis seeds mix is recommended for all cultivation methods. 

25.00 *

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant is with its first class quality of flowers and high end production very popular. 

35.00 *

This cannabis sort will fascinate connoisseurs with its aroma and taste which is sweet peppermint and berry, fruity maracuja. 

25.68 *

This cannabis sort is for cannabis lovers who set a high value on quality. This plant is the best from the best.

24.00 *

The Haze Berry fem is much loved in California and many other medical marijuana states.

9.50 *

The Amnezia Haze Automatic cannabis plant is sweet and tastes like the original Amnesia. 

10.00 *

Medical Seeds calls the 1024 the perfect plant. It combines all positive features of a cannabis plant. 

27.00 *

The Sour Diesel cannabis plant is one of the finest genetics available in current market and is the perfect allday long mate. 

34.00 *

This Autoflowering White Russan #1 cannabis strain can reach a height up to 90 cm and produces dense flowers. 

51.36 *

The Jack La Mota is possibly the best known variety in the international cannabis scene. Its name dedicated to Jack Herer.

29.00 *

The Arjan´s Haze #1 cannabis plant has medical effects and is used for pain therapy. It is also used as an appetizer. 

24.00 *

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant has medical effects and is effective against MS, arthritis, crambs and many other deseases.

17.00 *

Auto Acid is an Autoflowering Diesel cannabis strain, which extends a bit higher then other auto-sorts do.

23.63 *

Khufu is a cannabis plant for lovers looking for something different than the old classics.

51.36 *

Kushmatic is Tropicalseeds first automatic line in regular format, the feminized version is in preparation.

Wild Thailand Fem. is a 100% sativa cannabis plant and its THC content is among the highest worldwide.

from 20.55 *

Durban Punch is a 100% Sativa that grows very compact, producing many buds and exudes a floral aroma of anise and wood.

40.00 *

This 100% marijuana plant is very vigorous, has a rapid growth and develops beautiful long leaves.

A Brazilian cannabis strain from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, which grows very vigorously.

from 20.55 *

Colombian Gold Fem. is a cannabis plant from Santa Marta, Colombia and grows to a very vigorous, tall plant.

from 22.60 *

The G13 Haze cannabis strain gives a extraordinary high yielding and density of flower structure.

25.00 *

Utopia Haze is a cannabis strain that became through crossing original, with power, volume and a unique taste and flavor.

25.00 *

Acapulco Gold is a cup winner from 2010 and produces gorgeous colas flecked with gold and reddish brown. 

23.00 *

This auto variety grows fast, tall and can be harvested after 10 to 11 weeks after germination.

31.00 *

Laughing Buddah is a cannabis strain that needs a bit more time before flowering but the result will be large, dense, heavy buds.

24.00 *

The impressive harvest and a great autoflowering genetics go hand in hand, with a sweetish, earthy flavor.


23.00 *

This species is of particular rarity, with great Sativa characteristics and rewards you with stunning buds.

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1 - 30 of 95 results