Earn free credits


Earning credits is easy!

Get paid to write reviews, reports or grow journals in forums, which contain a link to our shop !

No registration necessary, we will send you a coupon code for every confirmed link !

To say thank you, we are now giving free credit to anyone who submits a post to any online hemp forums.


Your way to earn free credits:

1 - Choose one or more strains or seed banks from our site to review. Or you can post about your experience shopping with Canna-Seed.

2 - Log in to your favourite hemp forum

3 - Write your review / report / journal or comment into the forum and remember to paste to the forum a link to www.canna-seed.eu

4 - Send an email with the link to your forum post to admin@canna-seed.eu


Credits will be awarded in the following amounts :


Forum comment                                         = 10 Euros of credit 

Strain / Seedbank review                           = 10 Euros of credit

Full grow report with images                      = 20 Euros of credit




General conditions

When we see your link working we will send you a coupon code for the earned amount. The coupon is redeemable for any order in our webshop, which means we do not pay the credits in cash. The maximum amount of credits is 150 EUR monthly per person, because we reward quality but not spamming.