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Mandala Seeds

Mandala Seeds was founded in January, 2004 by Mike & Jasmin. Their personal history is a mixture of adventure, travel and a keen interest in studying, cultivating and preserving cannabis and other shamanic healing plants. They have pioneered several unique breeding and seed production methods whose benefits are valued by growers world wide. The seed bank is co-supervised by Jasmin, a biologist with work experience in the fields of horticulture and agriculture. Both of them not only share our extensive professional experience through creating and distributing the Mandala Seeds genetics, but they also regularly contribute articles on growing and cannabis botany in international publications to promote greater awareness about ecological and effective cultivation methods.




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This cold resistent mostly Sativa is a newcomer under the cannabis seets. The plant is already used for many medical effects.

This Cannabis plant has great medical effects and is adequate for many climate zones.W

The California Dream is a really stressless cannabis plant with a very gorgeous flower. 


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This Chill-OM cannabis plant has a very high medical potential and is fast growing.

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This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant is a rarely landrace sort, which develops big, resinous colas. 

This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant is rugged and easy to cultivate outdoor in the north.

This colombian mostly Sativa cannabis plant reaches a high end production in the outdoor cultivation. 

This extremely price reduced Indica-Sativa cannabis seeds mix is recommended for all cultivation methods. 

This mostly Sativa cannabis plant is with its first class quality of flowers and high end production very popular. 

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This Ganesh is a classic cannabis plant crossed according to old-school genetic and an amazing "one-cola" plant.

The Hashberry is a high end production cannabis plant and smells wonderful and unique like blueberries.

This exotic but easy care Sativa cannabis plant has a high end production (hydro/green house). 

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This cannabis sort will fascinate connoisseurs with its aroma and taste which is sweet peppermint and berry, fruity maracuja. 

This Kush cannabis sort is easy to cultivate and has an amazing aroma from peppermint and lemon. 

This Sativa-Indica cannabis plant has a Conoisseur quality and belongs to high performance sorts of its category.

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The Mandala #1 ist one of the best cannabis plants for the outdoor growing. It has a high end production and a fast yield.

available again in 2015!

Fruitylicious is a hemp plant , which is well suited for beginners .

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The Hubble Bubble is one of the cannabis plants, which is very stress resistent and suitable for the balcony.

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