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The Hawaiian Snow is one of the most famous cannabis plants known by strong smokers who search for strong buds. 

25.00 € *

Amnesia haze fem is one of our best yielding cannabis strains ever. It has extremely long flowers.





10.00 € *

The Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa and one of the top cannabis plants available today. It streches up in height.

82.18 € *

This mostly Sativa is a cannabis plant for advanced growers. It has medical effect and is used against many deseases.

24.00 € *

The world famous Sour Diesel fem cannabis plant is now available from Royal Queen Seeds. 

9.00 € *

The New York City is a cannabis plant with a wonderful taste and a strong growth. It is used to outdoor growing.

46.23 € *

Lennon is the oldest variety of cannabis seeds from Pyramid Seeds. One of the most desired Jack Herer for strain lovers.

46.23 € *

Nefertiti is already a cup winner and a very special cannabis plant, because of its potent growing. The plant is a 100% Sativa.

46.23 € *

The Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa and one of the top cannabis plants available today. It streches up in height.

82.18 € *

This extremely resinous mostly Sativa cannabis plant has an extraordinary growth. It is one of the most resistent plants.

23.00 € *

This 100% Sativa cannabis plant is pure indulgence, but it´s not very easy to raise this plant. 

30.00 € *

The Haze autoflowering cannabis strain produces impressing buds, it is very aromatic and full with flowers.

18.00 € *

The Arjan´s Ultra Haze #2 is a very special cannabis crossing because with her aroma of mango it put a spell on a Sativa lover. 

24.00 € *

This cannabis strain develops a wonderful quality and quantity of flowers and the buds became thicker and thighter then before.


11.00 € *

The Critical Jack auto from Dinafem is one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis strains. It is ready for take off in only 70 days.

10.00 € *

This fast growing, precious plant is very vigorous, becomes very tall and develops Sativa like long leaves.

9.00 € *

This autoflowering cannabis strain increased through crossing in height and is producing high yields.


10.00 € *

This beautiful long growing cannabis plant with long leaves is for Haze lovers a burner. Ready for take off after 13 weeks.

24.00 € *

This cannabis strain is named after the hero and cannabis researcher Dr. Lester Grinspoon and is a pure Sativa heirloom.

39.00 € *

Honey B is a cannabis strain with the aroma of an orange peel. The "B" stands for big yields and big, tasty colas. 

32.00 € *

Our beloved Congo Pointe Noire meets 4 more classic sativas in the OT Haze mix.

40.00 € *
33.90 € *

Double Thai is a 100% authentic Thai Sativa cannabis plant, which includes the best Thai varieties.

50.34 € *

Buddha Haze is a truly unique species and its taste is amazing tropical and fruity.

40.06 € *

Tropical Mix is a variation from 100% tropical Sativa hybrids and has a long flowering period of about 12 - 16 weeks indoor.

12.00 € *

It was in the 60s and 70s, developed in California with the crosses of some tropical sativas.

35.00 € *

Golden Tiger is one of the strongest and most interesting 100% sativa hybrid that ACE Seeds has to offer.

26.00 € *

Think Big Auto is a hemp plant, which is well suited for Connoisseurs.

34.00 € *

This hybrid has a large influence of the Green Haze appearance and height and grows very vigorously.

20.00 € *
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1 - 30 of 68 results