Spannabis Champions Cup

Spannabis Champions Cup

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The popular Exodus Cheese cannabis plant from England is easy to grow indoor but also outdoor. 

15.00 € *

Die GH Cheese cannabis plant has medcial effects and is used for the pain therapy, against sleeplessness and is appetizing. 

15.00 € *

Medical Seeds calls the 1024 the perfect plant. It combines all positive features of a cannabis plant. 

27.00 € *

Monster won already the first price at the Spannabis Cup 2009 and is a cannabis plant with very high yields.

18.49 € *

Veneno has already won multiple cups and grows to a large cannabis plant, in the style of a fir tree.

60.00 € *

Blue Cheese auto, is a super fast auto-flowering cannabis plant that develops very dense and compact buds.

40.06 € *

El Alquimista is to Samsara Seeds one of the easiest growen hemp plants and won already the second price at Spannabis Cup.

35.00 € *
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