50% Indica 50% Sativa

50% Indica 50% Sativa

50% Indica 50% Sativa - cannabis seeds

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Quick Bud is an auto cannabis plant that gives you an "old school" high and produces high yields.

Quick Fruit is an auto cannabis plant which is very sweet in taste and flavor and provides great yields.

Missing is already a numerous prize winner and a cannabis plant perfect for growers that have high standards.

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Turbo Jack is an auto cannabis plant which is very stable but has a slightly longer growth and flowering.

La Frutta Di Venus is an automatic, short and compact cannabis plant that is ready for harvest in a couple of months.


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La Bella Afrodita is a new generation of automatic cannabis strains from Delicious Seeds, which produces bigger yields.


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Already bored of many bland flavors? Then the John Doe cannabis plant gives you just the right kick!

51.36 *

Il Diavolo is an autoflowering cannabis strain which has the typical flavour and strengh from Critical Mass.


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Mix Pack 1auto/fem is a choice of cannabis seeds from three different Strains. Quick Fruit, Low Diesel and White Express.

Mix Pack 2 auto/fem is a choice of cannabis seeds from three different Strains. Speed Ryder #2, Fast Haze and Turbo Jack.

Mix Pack 3 auto/fem is a choice of cannabis seeds from three different Strains. Flying Skunk, Rapid Afghan and Quick Bud. 

Flying Skunk is a cannabis plant that grows very fast and has already after about 18 days of flower initials.

Rapid Afghan can grow very large for an autoflowering cannabis plant, but indoor no higher than about 90 cm.

White Express is an autoflowering cannabis plant that grows quickly and is adequate for lovers of the White family.

This beautiful lady in purple shades is one of the fast-flowering plants and provides a slightly harsh aroma.

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This variety was developed specifically in Holland for the outdoor growing in northern climates and grows to about 1m high.


Feminised Mix is a range of feminized cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds, which contains both Indica and Sativa plants.

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Auto Melon Gum is the evolution of the highly successful Melon Gum. This auto version has the same features as the Melon Gum.

16.50 *

The Tangerine Dream cannabis strain reaches a height of one meter and has with 70 days a short flowering time. 

27.00 *

Star Ryder auto brings an outstanding quality and performance and grows like a compact christmas tree.


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The Amnesia Lemon cannabis plant has a flowering cycle of just nine to ten weeks and grows to a medium size.

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This variety develops very strong and resinous buds, is very oily and produces a very considerable Haze taste.

from 70.00 *

LA Cannalope is a hemp plant, which is a perfect mix between an Indica and a Sativa hemp plant.

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The Red Cherry Berry was developed for Indica lovers and grows with a minimum effort to a medium size cannabis plant. 

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Top Dawg is a cannabis strain which delivers dense yields and develops beautiful colas that are easy to handle. 

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The Red Diesel is typical for its "sweet and sour" Diesel taste and became a very potent and heavy cannabis plant. 

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Red Dragon is a cannabis strain that produces buds with an aroma and taste of sweet guava fruit. 

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31 - 60 of 203 results