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Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes and ensures that each plant from a feminized cannabis seed is blooming female. Feminized seeds are ideal for gardeners who prefer an easy cultivation process. Cannabis cultivation is easier , because you don´t have to recognize different sexes and the male plants do not need to be removed.

Breeders with regular cannabis seeds usually take twice as many seeds to germinate when they want to grow, as they must take into account the removal of the male hemp plants. With feminized seeds breeders only have to decide how many plants they want to grow.

feminized seeds

How can feminized cannabis seeds be produced ? You have to stress a female plant to get male flowers form: the formation of pollen sacs is achieved by engaging the hormonal balance of the plant and  to blocksthe formation of a particular phytohormone ( ethylene ) by low doses of silver nitrate. With the pollen of genetically female plants (without Y - chromosome) pure female plants are pollinated and then you get feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds make things easier, reduce the space requirement and the amount of work , but is a big challenge fort he seed bank to avoid the formation of hermaphrodites for growers. Canna Seed works hard to offer only top seed banks, so we are grateful for customer references and reviews when it comes to increased hermaphrodite cases in feminized seeds of certain seed banks or cannabis strains. 

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