Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds is a Spain based seedbank of marijuana seeds particularly focusing on medical cannabis seeds. Medical Seeds offers not many, but some awardwinning seeds.

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The Devil Fruit cannabis crossing has an Indica typical plant structure, but due to its Sativa heritage, the flowering is a bit longer.

from 21.00 *

The Channel+ cannabis plant has an amazing aroma and is perfect for the S.C.R.O.G. cultivation.

from 24.00 *

Medical Seeds calls the 1024 the perfect plant. It combines all positive features of a cannabis plant. 

from 27.00 *

The Sour Diesel cannabis plant is one of the finest genetics available in current market and is the perfect allday long mate. 

from 34.00 *

The No Name cannabis plant has a typical Sativa structure and is in it´s category one of the most fast growing plants. 

from 24.00 *

Malakoff is a cannabis plant for Sativa lovers but not suitable for novice growers. Through carelessness it gets easily offended.

from 26.00 *

The Prozack cannabis plant is a bushy looking plant typical for an Indica. It is known for itslong lasting effect. 

from 26.00 *

This extremely resinous mostly Sativa cannabis plant has an extraordinary growth. It is one of the most resistent plants.

from 23.00 *

This 100% Sativa cannabis plant is pure indulgence, but it´s not very easy to raise this plant. 

from 30.00 *

The Jack La Mota is possibly the best known variety in the international cannabis scene. Its name dedicated to Jack Herer.

from 29.00 *

The White Widow cannabis plant is one of the most populare sorts in the world and has amazing medical effects.

from 23.00 *

Deep Neville regular is a mostly Sativa hemp plant, which is cross between a Neville´s Haze and a Deep Chunk.

from 50.00 *

Mendocino Purple Kush is a very famous hemp plant, not only for its narcotic effect but also for its extremely resinous buds

from 26.00 *

Y Griega CBD is a mostly Sativa hemp plant, which is a cross between a Y Griega and a CBD Crew.

from 24.00 *
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